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Restoring the Womb of Living Creation

๐ŸŒน Healing the Womb Course Library ๐ŸŒนย 

The Most Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Sexual Healing
& Ascension Courses For Divine Feminine Embodiment

Special Events, Trainings & 3-Day Workshops


Praise for Healing the Womb

"This course helped me orient to my true Self, embody sovereign creatorhood and self Mastery, and open to my multi-dimensional self.  I gained patience with my continually unfolding journey. It's such a blessing!"

Lisa W.

"Xi’s teachings are so much more than I could have expected. They have transformed my consciousness in such a short span of time and helped me understand energetics in a way I hadn’t even heard of before. It’s all clicking together now! "

Julia Waldorf
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