Activating the Original
Divine Mother Goddess Priestesshood

Healing the Womb 3

A 4 Day Sacred Medicine Container with
Xi Earthstar, Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD. and IndigoAngel

For Woman to Remember Cosmic Sophia Womb Knowledge,
Divine Birth Codes & The Original Creation Dragon Template of Mu

September 9 ~ 12, 2022
Image by OhTilly

The Sovereignty of the World begins
with Sovereignty of the Womb...

All of Life begins in the Womb, a reflection of the infinite powers of Creation itself.  What controls Woman, controls Creation, and takes this unlimited power for itself. 

This battle for creational control and power is age-old and is the source of all cosmic, societal and psychological viruses which assault, abuse and degrade

Female Empowerment and Sexuality.


This is a mystery-level container with Xi, Marguerite, and Indigo, taking us into the deepest layers of Womb Sovereignty work.  With a focus on healing psycho-spiritual bondage from interdimensional sexual abuse, we use this foundational healing work as a portal into the Highest Level of Planetary Gridwork Creation Magic.

Through the complete healing and reclamation of our Multi-dimensional Sexuality, Woman restores the Original Templates of Creation for all of humanity and resumes our role on Earth as the Source of Living Creation. 

Image by Silvestri Matteo


What Previous Participants Say...

" This was a deep and profound circle of awakening and healing that could not have been done without a consistently powerful container and presence as created, nurtured, loved, and guided by Xi.  I have never experienced anything like it in terms of non-verbal transmissions and energetics.  This journey gave me greater compassion and reverence for life and led to a greater commitment to my sense of purpose and mission. "

Image by Silvestri Matteo

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