Healing the Womb

July 22 ~ September 16, 2023
9 Week Journey Through the Venus Retrograde in Leo

For Woman to Reclaim Her Body, Sanctify Her Sexuality, Remember High Virgin Womb Codes & Awaken The Original Creation Dragons of Mu

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Humanity has never seen a greater impetus to rediscover the Sanctity and Power of the Female Body...



Our Mission: The Return of the Original Divine Mother Goddess...
   & Awakening the Original Creation Dragons of Mu

After receiving ancient Emerald Dragon teachings of the womb from the soul of her baby Cara from their Ancestors, Xi helped 1000+ women heal the womb, birth their miracle babies and passion businesses, meet their sacred partner, and live totally free of menstrual pain through the Healing the Womb courses. Voted most captivating speaker of international summits, Xi shares authentic ancient knowledge of Enlightened Female Sexuality from the pure Sacred Feminine Daoist traditions and a Cosmic perspective. 


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Sovereignty of Humanity, begins with Sovereignty of the Womb

All of Life begins in the Womb, she holds the power of Creation itself. What controls Woman, controls Creation. This battle for power is ancient and is the source of all cosmic, societal, and psychological viruses degrading Female Appreciation, Empowerment, and Sexuality.

This mystery-level container with Xi EarthStar takes us into the deepest levels of Womb Sovereignty & Healing work through an Ancient Daoist lens. With a focus on somatic and psycho-spiritual abuse trauma, we use healing as a portal into Our Highest Self Embodiment.

Creation Magic is the purest divine form of "sex magic". It's the restoration of our Body's Original Destiny to be a Creative Being.
Multi-dimensional healing of disassociation, shame, body dysmorphia, pain-pleasure reversals, breeding programs, sexual-emotional misery, patriarchy, and perversion programs, and more, this is the depth of work which leads to True Liberation for those in the Female Form.

Through complete reclamation of our sacred sexuality, woman reclaims our Sacred Role as the Source Fountain of Life. This will lead to a world of infinite inspiration, creativity, & prosperity for All of Humanity.

Join Healing the Womb 2023


Healing the Womb is for Every Woman.  The Female Bio-Spiritual Anatomy & Her Knowledge of Creation Is the Birth Right of Every Woman to Remember...

Beginner or Adept, the Holographic Nature of this Medicine Container will have Something specially woven for You.


Course Curriculum

Healing the Womb 2023

Transform your relationship with your Body, Emotions, Sexuality & Creativity in 9 weeks

Week 1:
Miracle Soma Body Intelligence

• Opening Prayer
• High Virgin Womb Codes
• The Womb of Body Chalice
• Soma Intelligence & the Miracle Healing Capacity of the Womb
• Original Intelligence of Orgasm

Week 2:
Conscious Relationship with Our Own Body

• Resolving Anti-Self, Anti-Body, Dysmorphia, Shame & Self Abuse
• Quantum Healing Power of Plasma Consciousness
• Release Hyper-sexualization
• Establish True Self Love

Week 3:
Reclaiming Our 
Holy Child Innocence

• Reclaiming Our Inner Children's Sacred Innocence
• Rewriting Our Inner Teenager's Rite of Passage
• Organic Sexual Maturity
• Clearing Past Lovers

Week 4:
Inner Union Hieros Gamos Mastery

• Inner Feminine & healing the Mother Wound
• Inner Masculine & healing the Father Wound
• The Masculine Shield & True Feminine Radiance

Week 5:
Womb Stargate Original Architecture

• Holy Womb Stargate Anatomy & Original Architecture
• Anti-HG implants, attacks, spells, false twins & weaponry
• Moon-Saturn-Pluto Matrix
• Medical Womb Trauma & V@ccine damage

Week 6:
Reclaiming the 
Creatrix Birth Canal

• Control Nets of the Birth Canal & Curse of Birth Pain, Sexual Slavery & Breeding Program
• Menstruation Spells, Power & Sanctity of the Blood
• Curses on the Motherline, Broken Lineages & Anti-Mother Programming
• Reclaiming the Birth Canal

Week 7:
Angelic Template Sexual Healing

• Satanic Inversions, Reversals, Implants, Imprints & Seals
• Deception of Promiscuity
• Clearing Sex Demons & Entities
• Masonic Grid & the Anti-Female Grid War
• Crucifixion of the Feminine, Eve, Mary Magdalen & Female Erasure

Week 8:
Emerald Dragon Creation Codex

• Crowning the Holy Womb
• Restoring Fallen Temple Magic & Egyptian Timelines
• Breaking Money Curses, Spells of Poverty & Slavery
• Emerald Dragon Codex of Original Creation
• Lineage Prosperity Reclamation

Week 9:
Holy Mother Tree Temple Sisterhood

• Healing the Wounds & Fractures of Sisterhood
• Mother Dragon Shrines
• Planting the Mother Tree Cosmic Gridwork Ceremony
• Completion Sister Circle

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  •  42 Live Webinars
            - 25 informative webinars
            - 9 oracle medicine ceremonies
            - 8 weekly QnAs
  •  Temple Community Forum 
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Join Healing the Womb 2023
Join Healing the Womb 2023


What Is A Medicine Container?

A medicine container is a sacred space and intentional prayer set through a specific length of time for deep healing and inner inquiry. Healing takes time and the body needs space to move through its many processes and layers for deep transformation to occur.  A Medicine Container holds us in a scalar-plasma field of Divine Love and Healing Intent and is a continuous Prayer and ceremonial fire established over a length of enough time (9 weeks) to witness true deep healing to transpire in magical co-ordination and alignment with our Life's movement and flow. In a way it is akin to a 9-week medicine journey where we focus on one specific area of exploration - in this case our Womb and her Healing & Highest restoration. This can be an extraordinarily transformational experience.


How Does A 9-Week Medicine Container Compare To 1-on-1 Sessions?

Group medicine containers often provide immeasurably more healing, growth and transformation due to the sheer power of the group field. It is built from the joining together of Powerful women from all over the world which amplifies healing power by 1000x.

Once the container is open, it is a holographic scalar-plasma field which organically works with our own soul over an entire 9 week period. This allows the body time to process, ebb and flow through many cycles of healing, allowing the Miracle Frequency Medicine to journey through all the layers and levels of our physical and lightbodies for 9 weeks. Sessions usually last only 2 hours, so the effects are limited.

You will get to share and receive feedback and support from other women sharing the journey with you in our community forum throughout the entire course (and onwards)

We'll be moving through 42 individual transmissions, and release an incredible list of woundings, traumas, distortions and implant systems which we just wouldn’t be able to get to in 1, or even 5, personal sessions.


Can I Join via recordings?  What if I can’t join live due to work or timezone differences?
You can absolutely still benefit greatly from participating via recordings, which will be available promptly after the livestreams.  Many sisters are coming together in different timezones who will be participating through the recordings.

The members' area forum and app will provide ample of personal engagement and circles to share homework assignments and support, even if you can't make it to the live calls.  You can also ask questions in a specific forum channel ! 💕

Our suggestion would be to commit to yourself to catch up on the recordings and move with the group weekly so you can take advantage of the community support and engagement, and see if there are any sessions that especially call to you, to join live once in a while or when you can.


Praise From Past Participants

"Xi’s teachings are so much more than I could have expected. They have transformed my consciousness in such a short span of time and helped me understand energetics in a way I hadn’t even heard of before..."

Charlene M.

"This course is loaded with divine knowledge and guidance. The best, most authentic information I've ever encountered about healing, ascension, and divine energy."


"This truly is a life-changing container. I met so many like-minded folks and the community is awesome! Each class has something new to learn, so out of the box, but so on point."

Merideth C.

"Xi's ability to hold loving space for learning, growth, and healing trauma is truly inspiring.  Her constant message of God's Love and love for Creation was life-changing, comforting, and secure. From that space, we were safe to heal, release, and grow!"

Stacy King

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"This course is absolutely life-changing in more ways than I ever expected. The power, knowledge, organization, love, and mastery exhibited are mind-blowing. Xi has my absolute support and gratitude!

Cheryl Chen
Join Healing the Womb 2023