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Humanity has never seen a greater impetus to rediscover the Sanctity and Power of the Female Body...


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Sovereignty of Humanity, begins with Sovereignty of the Womb

All of Life begins in the Womb, she holds the power of Creation itself. What controls Woman, controls Creation. This battle for power is ancient and is the source of all cosmic, societal, and psychological viruses degrading Female Appreciation, Empowerment, and Sexuality.

This mystery-level container with Xi EarthStar takes us into the deepest levels of Womb Sovereignty & Healing work through an Ancient Daoist lens. With a focus on somatic and psycho-spiritual abuse trauma, we use healing as a portal into Our Highest Self Embodiment.

Creation Magic is the purest divine form of "sex magic". It's the restoration of our Body's Original Destiny to be a Creative Being.
Multi-dimensional healing of disassociation, shame, body dysmorphia, pain-pleasure reversals, breeding programs, sexual-emotional misery, patriarchy, and perversion programs, and more, this is the depth of work which leads to True Liberation for those in the Female Form.

Through complete reclamation of our sacred sexuality, woman reclaims our Sacred Role as the Source Fountain of Life. This will lead to a world of infinite inspiration, creativity, & prosperity for All of Humanity.

Join Healing the Womb 2023


Course Curriculum

Healing the Womb 2023

Transform your relationship with your Body, Emotions, Sexuality & Creativity in 9 weeks

Week 1 & 2:
Somatic Sexual Healing

Comprehensive workshops & practices supporting healing and inner union with our Body Temple.

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Week 3 & 4:
Emotional Sexual Healing

Focus on healing environmental, psychological, inner children, and societal aspects of sexual trauma.

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Week 5 & 6:
Psychic Sexual Healing

Healing on the energetic and quantum levels, clearing hooks, cords, binds & mind control.

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Week 7 & 8:
Spiritual Sexual Healing

Healing our sexuality on Soul level, restoring our vitality, sanctity & creative potential.

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Meet Your Guide

Xi EarthStar Healer

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Our Mission: The Return of the Original Divine Mother Goddess Frequency...

After receiving ancient Daoist teachings of the womb from the soul of her baby Cara, we helped 1000+ women birth their passion business, meet their sacred partner, and live totally free of menstrual pain through the Healing the Womb courses. Voted most captivating speaker of international summits, Xi shares authentic ancient hidden knowledge of Enlightened Female Sexuality from the Daoist traditions.

Through embodying this knowledge, she has created several multi-6-figure soul-aligned service-oriented god-led businesses which help thousands of people each year heal, and ascend into a life of Purpose!


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