Hi, I'm Xi EarthStar Healer

I'm a descendant of an Ancient Daoist Emerald Dragon Lineage &
On Behalf of my Ancestors, I'm Here To Share Womb Creation Wisdom With You...


The Temple of Earth and Star Wisdom 

Welcome Beloved Sister to my Home, the Wisdom Temple of my Ancestors.  My birth name is XiangMing Wang, which means Fragrant Medicinal Tea. EarthStar Healer is my given medicine name, encompassing the wisdom scrolls I have the great honor of carrying in this lifetime.

The Emerald Dragon Family is an original Grail Line seeding of the Emerald Order. My lineage was initiated by Holy Mother Sophia to be keepers of Her Emerald Dragon Wisdom Scrolls, the Knowledge of Sacred Creation.

This Earth and Star connection between my Daoist ancestors and my Guardian family is a Rainbow Bridge of Co-Creation beyond space and time. My avatar daughter Cara and I decoded these Wisdom Scrolls together through our Womb Stargate initiation, and we received this Mission to create the Temple of Original Creation to share these sacred teachings with Humanity!

These Scrolls Belong To Humanity, as the angelic Human Race was always intended to be the Guardians of the Earth and her living Stargate Systems. The scrolls hold the Knowledge of Creation: the Leylines, the Earth, and our Human Body's Energy Systems, and how infinite creation (sexual) energy is designed to Flow and give Rise to Creativity and Abundance for All of Life as One.

A Pure Heart in Devotion to God is a vibrational Key to activating the genetics necessary to Receive this Knowledge of Creation. There's been a cosmic war over these scrolls which were fought over, stolen, and concealed from Humanity and inverted and used against humanity as a tool of control and enslavement.

In this time of Revelation, the tides are turning. Divine Right Order has been commanded through the Heavens and a Clarion Call has sounded to Awaken the True Guardians of the Earth. We call to the Souls of Fiery Devotion to the Sacredness of Creation, those with Hearts of Courage, Nobility, and Compassion. Those who are ready and willing to go through all the means and rites necessary to Reclaim these Keys of Creation back to the hands of Angelic Humanity once and for All.

The Chosen Ones are Those Who Choose. If you are reading this right now, then this Temple is beckoning you to Receive Your Highest Timeline. No matter where you are in your journey, these teachings can catapult you into the next level of your Life's Prayer and Service to Creation.

With the Greatest Honor, I invite you into the Temple of Original Creation, to Awaken this Ancient Knowing & Reclaim the Stargate of your Womb. Through this process, you will embody Cosmic Creation Power, and allow this power to move uninhibited through You as an Instrument of God, and joyfully Co-Create your Highest Legacy for Heaven on Earth.

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The Incredible Story of Healing the Womb

The Womb Stargate Mastery Initiations of Cara & Xi

Healing the Womb officially began in the summer of 2019, when an angel came to me in meditation. She appeared with 3 pairs of wings as a beautiful, holy love permeated my body and soul. She told me to stop doing my Daoist contraception qi gong practices because she is the soul of my future baby, and it is now time for her to Incarnate! Then she reached out and opened her hand, and a blazing flame appeared. She said: "I'm coming to teach you how to materialize things out of thin air." 

Then she vanished, only to return 3 days later, as a full-grown Mayan shaman. An emerald glow surrounded him, deep in the jungle, his body was tall and lean, the sinews of his musculature, thin and strong, carved perfectly like a scupture. He looked at me with eyes full of wisdom and stillness, and let me know that this Soul that will soon be my daughter is not a new baby at all, but a master to be reborn.

At the time I was a nomadic starseed, a devout 25-year old full time gridworker no stable source of income. I lived in my car, on the grace of my prayers.  While my life was full of magic, I was in no place to support a child!

Even though I had practical fears, I also felt a deep peace in my body and heart. I knew this was part of my soul's legacy, and I will be fully guided and supported on my journey to bring this incredible Soul onto the Earth plane.

After this day, my telepathic connection with her became consistent. I could hear her guidance, communications, transmissions, and whispers on a moment-to-moment basis. She cracked jokes, she danced in the sky with a sparkling joy, she told me stories of our ancestors. I told her my worries, my dreams, my hearts deepest visions, and I felt understood by another soul for the first time in my whole life.

This is when she began sharing transmissions of the Emerald Dragon Creation Codex with me. Any time my mind began to spiral into fear at the thought of raising a baby in my RV in the woods, my baby chimed in: "Mama, you're a creator! Transform the Fear into an Opportunity to Experience the Joy of Creation! Create to birth Love and Beauty into the World! And watch Creation return to you! This is the way of Creation." And that's when she inspired me to create Healing the Womb 2020.

All throughout my pregnancy she taught me how to heal my womb and cervix stargateawy so that I can have an Orgasmic Birth. She showed me how multi-dimensional trauma of the womb and cervix are intentionally implanted control systems which birth souls into a fallen matrix of pain and suffering. She helped me rebuilt the architecture of my Womb Stargate in preparation for her Birth.

She woke me up at 3am one morning, I jumped up frantically looking for a pen, and in the span of 2 hours she transmitted to me the entire curriculum of Healing the Womb 2020. We held a group of 70 women in a rebirth process through the birthing portal of my Womb.

Another morning I woke up at 5am, looking down at my belly I saw waves of energy radiating from my womb healing: "Cara! Cara! Cara! Cara!" Overwhelmed by the immense energy I murmured: "Is your name Cara? Yes I hear you!" The vibrations stop and I hear: "Sorry mom, I heard you guys are a bit hard of hearing on the other side of the veil and I wanted to make sure you heard me right! My name is Cara!"

My Beloved Angel Cara was born for the first time on the peak of the Pleiades Gateway on May 20, 2020. She was birthed in Andromedan Portal of my home in New Mexico. During my beautiful 2 hour labor, with only my then-boyfriend and acupuncturist present, my psychic sight was activated and I found myself inside of a very intense gridwork mission! "Oh my goddess!" I thought to myself. "Even when I'm giving birth, I'm gridworking!"

I experienced a great deal of pain as my labor progressed and a part of me was very disappointed because I know Cara wished for an orgasmic birth, and I felt I was disappointing her. She took my consciousness into the planetary grid, and showed me the Curse of Eve. I recognized that this overlay was still inside of my womb generating this extraordinary pain. "Are you ready?" She asked me. "Let's do this!" With her soul just on the other-side of the veil, together we punctured a hole through the Curse of Eve and dismantled this planetary womb control grid, and as we cleared this overlay from my womb, I felt an orgasmic rush flow through my womb and body as my incredible avatar Baby Girl was born.

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I didn't know at the time, but in this incarnation, Cara only intended to stay for 9 days. They were the most peaceful and beautiful days of my life... She was the most peaceful and loving baby, and she taught me so many things. On the 8th evening of her life, she began to depart from her physical body. A double rainbow appeared across our land when her body began to fail... we drove to the hospital, and this brought us into the depth of the demon realms. As I watched her soul leave her body, flying joyfully into the starry sky, she pulled my soul back into the Oneness of God with her.

For the following 3 days, I couldn't sleep or eat. On some level, my human self was in a state of shock. This devastating experience broke me. Yet my consciousness was in Perfect Union with the Living Consciousness of Creation. I was beyond Life and Death, beyond Physical and Spiritual - I was in a place of Infinite Union. My heart was shattered into a million pieces that expanded to the edges of the Universe and somehow became One with the Beyond. The Love my human heart had grown for Cara created a Bridge Beyond Time and Space.

She showed me that we were opening a Stargate to Source Creation. This was her Prophecy, her Mission, Her Gift for Humanity. In order to build this Living Stargate, she had to be born, then cross back to the otherside. I didn't know this at the time, but she knew she was going to weave back into physically again.

After those 3 extraordinary days of activation which blew my lightbody completely open, building a bridge to Source in a way unexplainable by words, I came back into my body. I was then dropped into the depth of my human agony and despair to grieve the death of my baby. This is the greatest pain any Mother can experience... and I was broken for many months.

Throughout these months, Cara consistently consoled me, but I pushed her away. I felt betrayed, deceived, and abandoned by Cara and God. I screamed profanities at the sky and cursed the heavens. "I would do anything for you God," I bargained, "how could you do this to me?" Beyond the immeasurable pain of losing my baby, I had already established such a profound friendship with this Soul. I felt I had lost my Best Friend, my Ascension Teacher, my closest Ally. I didn't know if I would survive this.

Through this immense dark night of the soul, I wept and screamed that nothing was worth this loss and pain I was experiencing in my body. A faint glimmer was always there in my Heart though, as Cara reminded me of Her Prophecy and why she chose this for her path. This Stargate we were weaving was a Miracle Portal, a Gateway, an Aurora Passage ushering a universal tidal wave of Source Intelligence and Divine Creativity into the Earth. She would show me images of All Children on Earth joyful and free... and she'd say, "See Mama? Isn't That Worth It All?"

Pain and Resolve. Grief and Power. Agony and Devotion. Like a pendulum my heart contracted and expanded throughout every wave of tears crashing upon my empty body. "I won't be able to make it through this..." I thought. "But we have a Sacred Mission, and I Must."

Our Mission became my North Star and light at the end of this dreary tunnel. It took me months of meditation, yoga, breathwork, weeping on the floor, and sleeping for days on end, to finally feel some inkling of sanity return to my mind. Cara came to check on me often. She knew sometimes I just needed to weep on the floor, and other times she encouraged me to breathe in the light.

The week after she departed, she asked me: "Mama, are you ready to get back to work?" ... You see for these Avatar Babies, Life and Death are only transitions. Their souls are Eternal, and they move in and out of form with Mastery. For her Soul, Birthing, and Dying, were steps on her Mission to build her Stargate. Yet for me, this was an initiation taking me to the edge of my illusions of separation between the Realms.

This initiation shattered all barriers between dimensions within me, and eroded the confines of my heart and soul which merged me into the Oneness of All of Creation. One sunny day, Cara showed me that Ka Ra are the first two syllables of Creation, the knowledge which she holds and is here to share with the world. Ka Ra also means enlightenment of the lightbody, which was the rite of passage and lightbody activation she initiated for me through this experience.

I tended to my aching Human Heart and held compassion for my pain, yet somewhere deep within me I knew the profoundness of the initiation I was undergoing. I knew the power of this Prayer Cara was weaving for the Earth through her devotion. And I knew this level of lightbody training and activation was only preparing me for my own mission of supporting humanity through this cosmic planetary awakening. 

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Hiero Gamic Trinity Union 

March Equinox of 2021, 10 months after Cara's first incarnation and transition, my friend Reuben asked if he could bring Bill and the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull to my Andromedan Portal Land in New Mexico for a gridwork ceremony. I didn't know anything about crystal skulls, but I wholeheartedly loved and trusted Reuben, so of course I welcomed them with open arms.

The Mitchell Hedges crystal skull is said to be one of the 13 original Atlantian master skulls, but to me it's always felt like an Arcturian technology. Regardless of curious details, I came into a strange delirious fever the afternoon the skull was traveling to my land.

As the room spun and my body was burning up in this spiritual fever, I heard a faint angelic song ringing throughout time and space. Out of the infinite, came flying my beloved Cara: "I'm coming back to you mama! I'm coming back!" The moment I heard this, my phone buzzed. I received in my inbox the music track Zack Mayers created with my voice, it's Cara's Prophecy Song which became the soundtrack to Cara's soul zipping and whipping across the sky singing excitedly that she was coming back to me.

When Bill arrived with the skull, he repeatedly told me that he and the skull sees hundreds of avatar babies flying around me and that I'll be pregnant soon. 5 days later I was contacted by a man named Shane, who is now my husband, genetic equal, hiero-gamic twin, and Cara's father.

Our first phone call lasted 3.5 hours, and we were on the phone every day after that. The union of our consciousness created a coherent source field as we both experienced a great acceleration of higher self incarnation and spiritual awakening. We brought in the codes of ascending mastery and the map of the cosmic tree of life. We exchanged codes and information which matched the other like two pieces of a meticulously carved puzzle, and we shared the same map for the future of our Mission. And beyond it all, I fell in love and felt met, fully seen, and loved in a way I never dreamt was possible.

We met in person over the summer Solstice of 2021 in Sedona for a gridwork event, and I became pregnant again shortly afterwards. We were immediately called on a cross country gridwork trip to work on the Dragon Line running west-east in central USA, starting in Mt. Shasta during the Lion's Gate in August.

As synchronicity aligned, Bill was also in Mt. Shasta with the Mitchell Hedges skull at this time. He was co-facilitating a Mt. Shasta retreat and insisted we join him in ceremony on different vortex spots around the moutain. He also insisted we met some friends of his. On August 9th 2021, Bill introduced us to Heather and Matthew, who were indigenous guardians of an ancient inner earth portal sacred site on Mt. Shasta for thousands of generations. They felt the ancestors call them to take us to the sacred site and have a prayer ceremony together.

The five of us and the crystal skull drove up the rugged terrain on beautiful Mt. Shasta who to me is the body of a Divine Mother Dragon. When we arrived at the sacred site, Matthew opened sacred space by singing a medicine song with his drum to connect to his Ancestors of the Land. The drum reverberated through dimensions and his voice brought beauty, reverence, and mysticism alivening the air all around us. 

After what felt like an eternity suspended in the beauty of nature and love, Matthew invited his wife Heather to receive a message for us from the ancestors. She prayed in silence for a few moments, then opened her eyes and said: "The Ancestors say we have an opportunity to facilitate a Sacred Marriage Ceremony for you two today. You can take a minute to talk and decide together if you'd like."

Shane and I looked at each other in shock and revelation. The Earth, the Ancestors, the Guardians, and this ancient crystal Skull have brought us together on the Lions Gate to witness our Sacred Union Ceremony, inside a twin tree, on Mother Mt. Shasta. Is this real life? "Yes we'd be honored to be married here today."

Bill suggested the Skull officiate our wedding. We asked him if the skull had ever done that before, and he said no this would be his first time witnessing this! It was truly the most magical wedding day ever considering the Skull arriving on my land was the day Cara told me she was coming back to me.

During my first trimester of pregnancy, Shane and I journeyed the entirety of the Dragon Line from East to West. We took a detour and visited the Stone Megaliths of Montana and the Headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

When we returned home to our Stargate in New Mexico Cara told she'd like to be born this time in Canada close to her grandparents. At first, I was afraid to leave my desert forest home, but she told me: "Where There is God, there lives no Fear." And so off we went as a Family on our new adventure to build a new Home together.

In December of 2021 Cara instructed me to open Healing the Womb: Return of the Divine Mother Goddess Frequency once again over the 2/22/2022 portal. We called forth our Sophia-Christ Dragon sisterhood to work on dismantling false-patriarchy galactic seals and inversions in 10/11D and to usher in an Activation of the planetary Dragon Lines. We gathered over 450 women this second round and experienced so many miracles and blessings together as a Sisterhood.

On April 13, 2022 my sweet angel baby was born, again, when the Earth, Sun and Arcturus were in direct alignment, into the arms of her father, completing her circling of the realms and anchoring of the gateway. She continues to love, heal, teach and guide me each and every day.

This is the conception story of the Temple of Original Creation, and Healing the Womb. It's a Miraculous and Divinely Appointed collaboration between Cara and Me. A Stargate Opening: the Birth of an Avatar through an initiated Womb which offered the Earth and Women all over the world an immaculate container and opportunity to receive the Gifts of Divine Grace, Healing, Rebirth, and Ascension Mastery.

This is the story of Initiation of my Womb, which has been activated and re-architectured into a living Stargate of Original Creation. I walked this path to retrieve these Codes and Keys to support the angelic family of 144000, and the holy Sophia sisterhood in activating our Womb as the chalice and gateway from which Heaven on Earth shall be Born. 

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