2023 Dragon Grid
Activation Events

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* These Events Are Open to Men And Women


Oracle Voice, Song & Miracle Medicine + Gridwork Training


September 21-24, 2023

  • Learn Divine Anatomy of the Voice Instrument
  • Heal Persecution, Gag-Orders & Blocks to Speaking Truth
  • Loop Aurora Sound Fields
  • Activate Voice & Womb Stargate Connection
  • Singing & Gridwork: Activating Song Lines & Sound Field Medicine
  • Miracle Medicine Training
  • Course Open to Men And Women
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2023 Dragon Grid Events Package Special Offer


Includes Both Events

  • Discounted Price for Both Events
  • Course Open to Men and Women
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Mo'orea Dragon Awakening Eclipse Grid Activations


October 13-15, 2023

  • Live From Mo'orea during the Ring of Fire Eclipse
  • DNA Activations to Ignite Your¬†Starseed Mission¬†
  • Arcturian Gateway
  • Planetary Dragon Hieros Gamos Activation¬†
  • Awaken Your Inner Dragon
  • Stabilize the Earth's Grid to Prepare For Massive Dragon Activations
  • Course Open to Men And Women¬†
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Consecrate Your Voice as an Instrument of Divine Love

There's never been a more important time for us to Speak and Sing from our Hearts, and remember the Sacred Power that is latent within the Creational Stargate of our Voice. 

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Oracle Voice, Song & Miracle Medicine + Gridwork Training

Thursday, September 21nd @ 6pm EDT
Equinox Opening Ceremony: Intention Setting in the Aurora Soundfield Emerald Dragon Temple

Friday, September 22nd @ 10am EDT
Workshop #1: Healing Persecution, Crucifixion & Clearing Seals, Implants & Wounding in the Throat

Friday, September 22nd @ 12pm EDT
Workshop #2: Anatomy of the Voice: Understanding The Instrument to Master The Instrument

Saturday, September 23rd @ 10am EDT
Workshop #3: Temple Training: Dragon Planetary Templar Guardian Consciousness & the Sacred Role of the Oracle; Architecting A Krystic Oracle Channel

Saturday, September 23rd @ 12pm EDT
Activation #1: Oracle Voice Initiation - Let's Activate The Voice Stargate & Sing Together!

Sunday, September 24th @ 10am EDT
Activation #2: Loop Magic: The Technology & How I Live-loop Divine Mother Healing Sound Fields in the Grids 

Sunday, September 24th @ 12pm EDT
Workshop #4: Teachings of the Whales - Singing & Gridwork. Activating the Song Lines, Aurora Sound Miracle Medicine

Sunday, September 24th @ 4pm EDT
Aurora Angel Choir Gridwork Ceremony: Reclaiming Dragon Sovereign Creation, Dismantling False Pluto Control Matrix & Awakening the Song Lines of the Dragon Leyline System

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It's Time For The Dragons To Awaken From Stasis

Do you ever feel like there’s more to you? Like a piece of your consciousness is frozen, or asleep somewhere just out of access... waiting for a divine moment to be awakened… 

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Friday, October 13th @ 6pm EDT
Opening Ceremony: Open the Dragon Lines, Activate the Temple & Establish Union, Coherence & Sanctity for our Work Ahead

Friday, October 13th @ 8pm EDT
Workshop #1 w. Lukaijah + Saskia:
Hieros Gamos Divine Union Alchemy Activation

Saturday, October 14th @ 1pm EDT
Galactic Energy Embodiment Yoga Practice w. Herman

Saturday, October 14th @ 2pm EDT
Eclipse Ceremony w. Xi EarthStar
Seeding Personal & Planetary Highest Heaven on Earth Timeline During the Hiero Gamic Eclipse Portal

Saturday, October 14th @ 4pm EDT
Workshop #2 w. Herman & Katrina: Importance of Multi-Dimensional Healing & Template Restoration

Saturday, October 14th @ 7:30pm EDT
Aurora Ascension Hub Meditation

Sunday, October 15th @ 3pm EDT
Workshop #3 w. Shane & Xi: Awakening Our Inner Dragon,
The Emerald Awakening, Our Timeline Keeper Codons &
The Keys of Revelation in Our Starseeded DNA

Sunday, October 15th @ 5pm EDT
Dragon Gridwork Ceremony Preparation Yoga & Qi-Gong Practice
w. Herman, Lukaijah & Saskia

Sunday, October 15th @ 6pm EDT
Personal & Planetary Emerald Dragon Activation Gridwork Ceremony After the "Ring of Fire" Eclipse

Sunday, October 15th @ 8pm EDT
Family Integration, Community Heart-Shares & Closing Ceremony

Mo'orea Eclipse Dragon Awakening Grid Activations

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