$144.00 USD

Equinox Oracle Voice, Song & Miracle Medicine + Gridwork Training

Learn The Holy Mother Sophia Oracle Craft of Womb Singing to Heal & Activate the Grid With The Original Temple Sisterhood...

What you'll get:

  • Workshop #1: Anatomy of the Voice: Understanding The Instrument to Master The Instrument

  •  Workshop #2: The Larynx-Cervix Voice-Womb Connection In Oracle Singing & Source Frequency Transmission

  • Workshop #3: Temple Training: Miracle Medicine & the Sacred Role of the Oracle; Architecting A Krystic Oracle Channel

  •  Workshop #4: Singing & Gridwork: Activating the Song Lines, Cathar Divine Mother's Womb Sound Field Frequency Medicine

  • Activation #1: Oracle Womb Singing Playshop: Let's Activate The Sophia Womb-Voice Stargate & Sing Together!

  •  Activation #2: Loop Magic: The Technology & How I Live-loop Divine Mother Healing Sound Fields in the Grids 

  •  Gridwork Ceremony: Holy Sophia Divine Mother Angel Choir: Awakening the Song Lines of the Dragon Leyline System