$89.00 USD

Eclipse Mo'orea Dragon Awakening Grid Activations

October 13, 14 &15 :: 3-Day Event over the October 2023 Arcturus Alignment + Ring of Fire Eclipse Portal Planetary Gridwork Training & Dragon Body Activation Ceremony streaming from Mo'orea Island, French Polynesia.

Friday, October 13th @ 6pm EDT
Opening Ceremony: Open the Dragon Lines, Activate the Temple & Establish Union, Coherence & Sanctity for our Work Ahead 

Friday, October 13th @ 8pm EDT
Workshop #1 w. Lukaijah + Saskia:
Hieros Gamos Divine Union Alchemy Activation 

Saturday, October 14th @ 1pm EDT
Galactic Energy Embodiment Yoga Practice w. Herman 

Saturday, October 14th @ 2pm EDT
Eclipse Ceremony w. Xi EarthStar
Seeding Personal & Planetary Highest Heaven on Earth Timeline During the Hiero Gamic Eclipse Portal 

Saturday, October 14th @ 4pm EDT
Workshop #2 w. Herman & Katrina: Importance of Multi-Dimensional Healing & Template Restoration 

Saturday, October 14th @ 7:30pm EDT
Aurora Ascension Hub Meditation

Sunday, October 15th @ 3pm EDT
Workshop #3 w. Xi & Shane: Awakening Our Inner Dragon, The Emerald Awakening, Our Timeline Keeper Codons & The Keys of Revelation in Our Starseeded DNA 

Sunday, October 15th @ 5pm EDT
Dragon Gridwork Ceremony Preparation Yoga & Qi-Gong Practice w. Herman, Lukaijah & Saskia 

Sunday, October 15th @ 6pm EDT
Personal & Planetary Emerald Dragon Activation Gridwork Ceremony In the "Ring of Fire" Eclipse & Arcturus Mo’orea Gateway 

Sunday, October 15th @ 8pm EDT
Family Integration, Community Heart-Shares & Closing Ceremony